Secretly love Trinity? Harboring love for a secret ship? Unpopular plot twist idea? Wish to express your hatred for Jordan Chase, or your desire for Rudy to return? Here's your home to express your own love, hate, or opinion about our favorite blood splatter analysis and his Dark Passenger.

The only rules are these: do not turn this into shipping wars, and do not directly attack someone else's confession. This is for fun and to unite the Dexter fandom; this is not a place to start a battle between people.

Ask box is open.
"Tonight's the night."

Now I’ve moved to help run Slice of Life Confessions! Follow, if you aren’t already! 

To save the hassle of two confession blogs, SOLC was kind enough to offer me a spot to help them! Go follow

My posts will still be in my format, and they’re pretty awesome over there. Come on, Dexter fans!

Anonymous whispered, "There is already a Dexter confession blog..."

…and I totally did not realize that until I just really searched for it. The only one I’ve seen stopped posting 6 months ago.
So, if the current other one wants me to stop, I can.

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All confessions posted. Attack the inbox, please! 

Queue officially started. When I return tonight, the rest of the confessions will be completed. Until then, ASK BOX IS OPEN! 

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